The John Nix Pocketbook for Farm Management is compiled by The Andersons Centre , a leading provider of farm business consultancy and business research across UK agriculture. We aim to provide the most comprehensive source of agricultural business information to the UK.

Since it was first published 55 years ago, The John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook has become the most widely used and most trusted agricultural costing book amongst UK farmers. It is the longest running costings book in the industry.

If you have particular requirements for specific agricultural information research consultancy, or historical data and backdated book enquires please contact us. If you are representing a media organisation, please feel free to use material in this. If you require other material, such as content from the latest Pocketbook or commentary from the Editor, please drop us a line.

The 2024(54th) Edition was published in September 2023.

The 2024 Edition, with its new page font and style has all the topics as before with all figures updated for 2024.

It has been brought up to date, keeping it the most useful book of its type.

It includes 330 pages of fully revised data, includes gross margins, overheads, rents, finance, all capital, grants, taxation and much more.

The latest (2024) Edition, out in September 2023 contains many new analyses.  They include:

  • Commentary on Ukraine and inflation
  • Analysis of Regenerative agriculture
  • Whole crop forage costings
  • Undersown barley gross margins
  • Integrated Pest Management discussion
  • Re-wilding
  • Discussions on carbon markets, credits, and certificates
  • Health and Safety key figures for farming
  • As well as new enterprises considering diversification.


The John Nix Pocketbook helps you to:

  • Measure your business by budgeting your costs and income
  • Benchmark your business by benchmarking and offering standard data
  • Spot opportunities to raise efficiency (e.g. contract or buy a machine)
  • Measure the benefits of diversification (e.g. a wind turbine or Glamping)


Using The Pocketbook you can:

  • Calculate the financial returns of farming sectors
  • Measure the technical potential of farm systems
  • Gain an insight into the future of farming

For a full list of contents or sample pages for an insight of what’s in it, click on the download buttons below.

This book is written for everybody involved in farming: farmers of all sizes and experience, advisers, supply chain and agriculturalists, agricultural students, academics, local and national government bodies and everyone else who frequently or infrequently, find themselves needing agricultural data.

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