For several years, The Andersons Centre has provided regular updates on key industry developments via webinars. With trade and agricultural policy changing significantly as well as the upheaval caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is crucial that you and your colleagues are aware of the key trends shaping the agricultural industry, and their implications. 

Our webinars focus on a wide variety of topics including;

  • Key developments in agricultural policy and their on-farm implications.
  • Latest developments concerning trade and global agri-food markets. 
  • Overview of the latest trends shaping the economics of UK arable and livestock agriculture. 
  • Various other industry and training events concerning UK farming. 

Forthcoming Webinars

UK Farming Prospects – Autumn Update: this one-hour webinar will be taking place on 22nd September. It seeks to update participants on the major changes taking place across UK farming including policy reform, trade and agflation and will set-out the implications for each agricultural sector.


  • Farm Profitability and Finance Performance
  • Trade Update
  • Farm Policy Updates – England, Scotland and Wales
  • Sector Updates
    • Arable
    • Dairy
    • Grazing Livestock
    • Pigs and Poultry
  • Summary and Conclusions

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Previous Webinars

This video sample from our 2020 Webinar looks at agricultural policy reform in England and gives you a flavour of the insights we provide during our webinars.


Private Seminars:

In addition to our national publicly available webinars, we are also always pleased to organise and deliver private training events for individual organisations throughout the year across the UK and Ireland. For more information please call +44 (0)1664 503 200 and ask for Richard King or Michael Haverty to discuss your requirements.

Conference Speaking:

We regularly speak at business-related agricultural conferences throughout the UK and Ireland to give our independent perspective on a wide range of topics including farm profitability, agricultural policy, Brexit and competitiveness to name but a few. A sample of our previous conference presentations is provided below.

Examples of Speaking Engagements: