For more than 20 years, we have been providing customers with a wide range of forecasts for the UK agricultural industry. More recently, we have expanded our coverage to European markets.

These forecasts enable our clients to:

  • Access informed market analysis for strategic planning
  • Assess the impact of proposed agricultural and trade policy changes on their business
  • Identify risks affecting profitability and performance for farmers, businesses and governments
  • Position products and services in future high-growth markets


Crop Area Forecasting: for the UK, we provide forecasts for 40 crops, which are updated 4 times per year. These range from short-term (1 year) forecasts to long-term projections looking 10 years ahead. Our insights are based on a wide range of sources including empirical evidence from farmers, consultants, agronomists, merchants, traders and public agencies. These inputs are then combined with detailed analysis of historical trends, weather data, production cost information, consumption patterns and interpretation of policy (e.g. CAP reform, environment etc.) to provide a robust assessment of the future prospects for each crop. Our longer-term projections also take account of key global trends, trade developments and the international competitiveness of UK agriculture.

Each year, The Andersons Centre also supplies crop area forecasts for selected European countries which broadly covers the same crops as the UK. In addition to providing crop area forecasts, we also provide context around the key market and policy developments in each country which influence the areas currently planted and projected future trends.

Market Analysis: we supply market sizing and growth projections for a range of agricultural commodities. These include crop protection products, farming equipment, livestock and meat production projections across the UK, Ireland and beyond. We blend data collected from in-depth interviews with industry experts with a variety of proprietary databases to build detailed, transparent and reliable market models of current and projected output. These models provide the basis for a range of additional services including:

  • Market opportunity assessments: involves identifying opportunities and risks so that businesses can understand the market prior to building or expanding an offering. It also encompasses identifying new partners in target markets.
  • Competitor benchmarking: includes assessing company’s offerings in comparison with other providers via a SWOT analysis based on customer surveys, desk-based research, forecasting and modelling etc.
  • Consumption trends analysis: identify customers’ key purchasing criteria, key influencers, pain-points and unmet needs within the market.

Situation and Outlook Analysis: based on our wealth of experience in farm business consulting across the UK, we provide situation and outlook analyses for all major arable and livestock enterprises. In addition to our syndicated offerings which are made available via our seminars and publications such as Professional Update, we also provide bespoke situation and outlook assessments to clients based on their particular needs.

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