The Andersons Centre has 40 years’ experience as a leading source of information and interpretation on EU farm policy and its implications for UK farming. More recently, our policy work has extended to agricultural trade, particularly in the context of Brexit. Crucially, our ‘on-the-ground’ experience means that we can relate what is decided in Brussels, Geneva and Whitehall back to the farm level.

Many agri-food organisations rely on The Andersons Centre to guide them on how policy reform will affect their business and to steer their strategic thinking.

Our insights help clients to:

  • Assess how changes in support affect farm profitability and business performance.
  • Quantify the impact of policy changes on agri-food industry output and trade.
  • Assess implications of policy changes for wider supply chain (input suppliers to consumers).
  • Assist policy-makers in formulating new agricultural and trade policies.


Policy Seminars and Briefings: each year, over 1,000 delegates receive our latest interpretation of how policy reform will affect the future performance of farming. These seminars and briefings take place in a variety of formats depending on clients’ needs. We also provide regular updates on policy changes via our Professional Update and InsideTrack services. Please visit our Seminars and Briefings and Publications sections for further detail.

Policy Impact Assessments: similar to our Economic Impact Analysis services, we provide detailed assessments of how policy reform is likely to affect agricultural output and its contribution to the local/national economy.

Policy Formulation: The Andersons Centre is trusted as an objective provider of insight to help formulate new, more effective, policies relating to agriculture. This includes traditional support to farming, agricultural trade and a plethora of other policies related to farming (e.g. environment, labour, biofuels etc.).

Policy Scenario Analysis: given the momentous changes taking place in UK agriculture, we can provide advanced analytical models which permit rigorous “what-if” analysis of how new UK agricultural policies might affect farming. These help clients to test the robustness of business plans.

PREVIOUS WORK EXAMPLES: The Effect of the Loss of Plant Protection Products on UK Agriculture, Horticulture and the Wider Economy – compiled on behalf of the AIC, NFU and Crop Protection Association The Impact of a Glyphosate Ban on the UK Economy – compiled in collaboration with Oxford Economics. Impact of WTO Trading on the Northern Irish Beef and Sheep Meat Sector (forthcoming) Andersons Outlook 2017 BPS Factsheet (England) 2016 The Best British Farmers – What Gives Them the Edge? - paper written in collaboration with the Oxford Farming Conference. Government’s Position on Brexit and Farming
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