How Many Potential Farmer Customers Do You Have?

It’s a simple question, but it does not have an easy answer.  There is a lot of data on agricultural ‘holdings’, but this does not relate well to actual farm businesses – i.e. your potential customers. If you would like to know the size of your market, The Andersons Centre is producing a report (publishing September 2024) on real farm business numbers in the UK and Ireland including forecasts to 2035.

The report combines a variety of datasets, alongside original research to provide a breakdown of figures on the following basis;  

  • Time: the progression of farmer numbers since 2010, plus a forecast for the next decade are provided.
  • Geography: figures are provided for the four devolved regions of the UK.  In addition, for England a split is made for the Government Office regions.  Data is also available for Ireland (i.e. Republic of Ireland).
  • Sector: a split between the main sectors of UK agriculture has been made.  The main focus is on three categories – cropping (arable and general cropping), dairy and grazing livestock (beef & sheep), with a more in-depth analysis conducted on these.  Some general comments are provided on other sectors such as pigs, poultry, and horticulture etc.
  • Size: indications of the number of farms in each size category are set out.  This permits non-commercial or ‘spare time’ units to be distinguished and also allows a segmentation of different business sizes.
  • Performance: for each of the key farm sectors, data and commentary will be provided on the financial performance of businesses including typical farm business income and balance sheets. 

As well as data tables which will be available in an Excel (pivotable) format, the written report contains detailed commentary to provide context to the figures. In addition to reporting on the farm business numbers, the study will also provide the following;

  • Unique analysis: of real farm business numbers in the UK and Ireland, unavailable elsewhere.
  • Market trends: concise commentary on the major trends that businesses need to be aware of.
  • Impact of policy changes: will be outlined on a devolved basis so that purchasers better understand the implications for farmers in each sector.
  • Regional level analysis: to give clear guidance to sales teams on where opportunities are likely to be.
  • Market share analysis: by enabling users to ascertain the proportion of farm businesses in each region that they currently do business with.

Note: sample graphic is based on hypothetical data and not actual data.

The report is available in two formats. One focusing solely on the UK and the other looking at the UK and Ireland. Prices start from £4,400+VAT. However, until end June 2024, early purchasers will receive a 20% pre-publication discount on the listed prices. Further information is provided in the report brochure which is accessible by clicking here. If you would like to order, please contact us via: [email protected]

Below are a selection of comments from customers who purchased the previous edition, published in 2021

“Very interesting analysis – the description is clear and understandable. The final report addresses our particular interest in the projected future numbers in each sector and their profitability.”

“Really useful overview which enables us to ascertain the proportion of farm businesses in each region that we currently serve and the opportunities for expansion. It gives useful targets for our sales team to focus on.”

“Insightful analysis that gives a clear view on future trends for the next decade.”