For over 25 years, we have been training courses in farm business management for numerous organisations. Trainees gain a thorough understanding of how farm finances operate and what can be done to improve business performance. Topics may include farm economics, business structures, budgeting & benchmarking, accounts analysis, support structures, grants & funding and decision-making on farm. In addition, we often provide detailed assessments of the implications of policy change for a variety of farming sectors.

The courses use a mix of presentations, exercises, group working, case studies and even on-farm demonstrations to provide the best learning experience. They are aimed at organisations servicing and supplying the agricultural industry, those dealing with farmers directly and farmers themselves.

Key benefits to clients include:

  • Understanding how to enhance profitability and farm-level performance.
  • Awareness of how policy change in each part of the UK is influencing agriculture in each region.
  • Improve staff skills in dealing with farmers in terms of communication, awareness of challenges facing farmers, and having better “conversations” with farmers on their needs.
  • Get more ‘respect’ from farmers and become ‘partners’ in the decision-making process on farms.

As courses are tailored according to clients’ specific needs, the content of each course varies and does not follow a “standardised” formula. If you could like further information, please contact us.

We are also happy to participate in training events run by other organisations and we have regularly presented specific modules as part of a wider training course, for example, doing a three-hour module as part of a two-day training course.

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