The Andersons Centre traces its origins back to 1973 when Andersons the Farm Business Consultants started providing business advice to British farmers. November 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Andersons being formed.

Today, our consultants support around 2,000 farmers across the UK, advising on a range of issues including managing costs, financial planning, joint ventures and succession planning to maximise profitability and performance. In addition to our strong presence in the farm business consultancy market, we have expanded to offer services to businesses and organisations throughout the food and farming industry both domestically and internationally.

What sets us apart from other farm business consultancies is our Business Research team which provides economic and market analysis covering all aspects of agriculture. This unique combination of practical farming experience and insightful research provides a strong basis for our publications which include the industry renowned ABC Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book, the John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook, and the Professional Update briefing service.

The Andersons Centre also offers a diverse range of seminars and training to agricultural professionals. Our Spring Seminars have become a must-attend event for many in the farming sector.

Further information on our services, seminars and publications can be found via the relevant links above.