Diversification is becoming ever more important for many businesses, whether it be to replace future reduction in subsidy receipts or entrepreneurial individuals looking for opportunities to better utilise assets and add value to farm products. At The Andersons Centre we have a wide range of knowledge and experience from working with different diversified farming businesses, including:

  • Renewables
  • Added value products
  • On-farm processing retailing
  • Building conversions
  • Off-farm property investments

A successful diversification project must be based upon sound business principles. We can assist with assessing the market-place for your chosen activity, evaluating the viability of capital investments, considering government policy associated with different industries and assessing potential routes to market and associated marketing strategies. The overall business case is the important key to success, as well as a fit with current farm activities, people and resources.

The following video contains farmer testimonials from Farm Business Reviews undertaken by Andersons’ consultants under Defra’s Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFRF). We are delighted to be involved in the next series of the FFRF, due to run until 2025. If you are based in England, you may be eligible for a free Farm Business Review. Click here to learn more and for registration details.


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