As a farmer and depending on whether you are located in the UK, you may be eligible for free consultancy advice from us!

In England, funding for up to three days of free consultancy input is currently available through the Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFRF). In addition, we also provide farming clients with insights on how to boost Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) income. Further information is available via the links provided.

Client Feedback on our FFRF Reviews

Below is a sample of some of the feedback that we have been receiving from clients on the reviews that we have undertaken to date:

“Having sought advice from various consultants, solicitors and accountants on general estate matters in the last few years, I can honestly say that I have found your advice the most valuable to me!”

– John Knight, Estate Manager

Client Feedback on our SFI Income Advice

“I thought your SFI webinar was about the best I have ever listened to.”

“I thought your grasp of SFI was really quite exceptional and extremely helpful.”

“Having just watched the recording of the SFI webinar, I would just like to make a comment that this was the best and clearest delivery that I have seen, thank you.”

“You have done a great job synthesizing out key and relevant detail in a succinct and unambiguous way!”