All of the work that we undertake at The Andersons Centre is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of agricultural economics at both a macro and micro level. Over the years, we have been involved in numerous economic analysis projects across the UK. In 2020, we also became the UK partner in the AGMEMOD partial equilibrium economic modelling consortium.


Economic Impact Analysis: assessing the contribution of an agricultural activity to the local/national economy or what the economic effect would be from a change in policy or regulation. Such projects quantify the impact in terms of loss of output, effect on employment, contribution to GDP and impact on competitiveness and the wider supply chain.

Competitiveness Analysis: assesses the competitiveness of agricultural industries in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere against other nations and what the industry can do to improve performance and productivity both at farm level and throughout the supply chain.

Supply Chain Modelling: constructing detailed economic and business models drawing upon data from a diverse range of sources to facilitate objective decision-making across the entire supply chain. It also includes creating decision-support tools to help optimise the performance throughout an industry or within individual supply chains.

Scenario Analysis: providing advanced analytical models which permit rigorous “what-if” analysis. These help clients to test the robustness of business plans if the market environment suddenly changes.

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