Addressing No-Deal Brexit Risks Webinar

How would  a ‘No-Deal’ affect your organisation’s competitiveness? Do you know what impact the imposition of trade barriers would have on you and your clients?

The Andersons Centre is running a webinar on Thursday, 12th September, focusing on the implications for British food and farming if the UK leaves the EU on 31st October without a deal. Click here to book.

The likelihood of this scenario has increased in recent weeks as the UK Government is intent on leaving the EU by 1st November ‘come what may’ whilst the EU insists that there can be no Withdrawal Agreement without the Backstop being in place.  In this context, food and farming businesses need to ‘hope for the best but prepare for the worst’. 

The Andersons Centre has already helped numerous businesses with their no-deal preparations.  This webinar is being run to update a wider range of organisations on how key No-Deal Brexit issues could affect them and the measures they might adopt to mitigate the risks.  The agenda for the webinar is as follows;


  • Summary of Recent Developments
  • Trade Impacts
    • Tariffs – based on UK’s proposed schedule
    • Non-Tariff Barriers – including estimates by product
    • Tariff Rates Quotas (TRQs) – including existing EU TRQs and new UK TRQs
  • Implications for the agri-food industry
    • Impact on profitability
    • Supply-chain issues
  • Farm-Level Impacts
    • How is farm-level performance likely to be affected across the UK?
    • What does this mean for companies supplying inputs to agriculture?
  • Managing Risks – what actions should businesses be taking? How to ensure that resources are not wasted?


Those attending the webinar will gain a detailed understanding of what a No-Deal Brexit would mean for UK food and farming, taking account of most recent developments. This will include quantified estimates of the likely impact of non-tariff barriers. The webinar will also provide pointers on how individual businesses can prepare for a No-Deal Brexit outcome.

What Do You Get?

Delegates will be provided with a full colour copy of the presentation plus accompanying notes. The webinar will provide one hour of CPD.

The Speakers

The webinar will be led by Michael Haverty and Richard King, members of the respected Andersons’ Research Team. They will be well-known to many delegates through the annual round of Andersons’ Spring Seminars and other industry talks. They have been involved in a wide variety of Brexit-related work across the UK and Ireland. See here for examples.


The cost of the webinar is £72 (£60 plus VAT). All booking is carried-out via the online webinar hosting system. Please go to to reserve your place. Numbers are limited so please book your place today to avoid disappointment.