The Andersons Centre continues to monitor Brexit closely. We have presented more than 100 papers covering the options available and the potential implications for organisations across the food and farming industry, in both the UK and Ireland.


Andersons Seminars: these 3-hour sessions provide a detailed examination of the likely impact of Brexit and other major developments on food and farming. In addition to public seminars held across the UK (see testimonials below), we also offer private seminars which can be tailored to an organisation’s individual needs.

Brexit Updates: are provided on an ongoing and/or monthly basis via our Professional Update service. Instead of just reporting key developments, we delve deeper into the issues and examine how they could affect your business.

Customised Research and Consultancy: we have completed numerous projects on the specific impacts of Brexit for individual businesses. These include conducting scenario-based modelling exercises and developing diagnostic tools to quantify the potential impacts of Brexit under a range of trading scenarios.

Policy Analysis: we also have a strong track record in conducting agricultural policy analysis and assessing the implications for agriculture both at an industry as well as at an individual business level. Brexit will herald the introduction of a new UK agricultural policy framework and we can draw upon a 20-year track record to help you understand what policy changes mean for your business.

Market Opportunity Assessments: with change comes opportunity and, if anything, Brexit creates an added impetus for businesses to develop new markets. Whether you are a UK-based company seeking to identify expansion opportunities or are an international company considering exporting to the UK, The Andersons Centre can support you.

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