BPS 2017

As the 2017 BPS claim window enters into full swing below are a few reminders and points to note for claimants in England:

  • The RPA’s dedicated webpage can be found at gov.uk/rpa/bps2017 this contains all the guidance notes, forms and details of any ‘downtime’ planned for the online system
  • It appears there continues to be glitches with the system. Make sure you check the online claim carefully before submitting, there are still instances being found where column C8 (area for activating) on the pdf application summary is showing 0.0000
  • Remember to either save or print off a pdf copy of what you have submitted at the time of submission
  • All accompanying documentation still has to be sent hardcopy. Ensure the SBI number is on it and that it reaches the RPA by May 15th (get proof of delivery) to avoid penalties
  • Ensure accompanying maps are marked up clearly. Include measurements and annotations on the map not in a covering letter
  • Check ‘Permissions’ status if there is no ‘submit’ button
  • Remember in ‘dual use’ situations the relevant parcels must be on both applications. The party which requires the land for the agri-environment agreement needs to ensure the land uses and areas are deleted and that C8, area to be activated shows 0.0000.  Do not ‘transfer’ the land otherwise this will sever the link with the SBI for the agri-environment agreement
  • There are new RLE1 and Young & New Farmer guidance booklets available these can be found at here and here.