The Andersons Centre services a huge variety of clients ranging from small scale sole traders to large international companies.  Most clients fall into one of the following categories:
  • Farmers
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    • We provide support to all types of farm businesses across England and Wales. We always ensure that the most suited consultant is matched to the service required. Please browse our service pages for more information.
  • Land Owners
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      Land Owners

    • We provide support for all types of landowner whether they represent small holdings, medium sized farmland units or large country estate businesses. We deliver our services to both new and existing landowners.
  • Rural Professionals
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      Rural Professionals

    • Our services are relied on by many companies working with farm businesses across Great Britain. These include accountants, solicitors, land agents, agronomists, technical livestock specialists, rural bankers, consultants, membership organisations and many other industry specialists.
  • Public and Third Sectors
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      Public and Third Sectors

    • Public and Third Sector consultancy comprises a large part of the Andersons Research Team's time. Work undertaken is typically in the form of one-off projects or ongoing advisory services and for organisations of all sizes.
  • Supply Chain and Food Trade
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      Supply Chain and Food Trade

    • There are many businesses who deal with and rely upon the agricultural industry. As such, many of the services we deliver prove to be invaluable for those who need detailed and accurate information on their sector. Businesses we deal with include food processors, feed mills, machinery manufacturers, agricultural suppliers, crop and livestock marketing companies amongst many others.