Brexit Insights

The vote to leave the European Union in June 2016 was momentous and will have profound implications for UK agriculture and the economy in general in the coming years. Whilst Brexit is unprecedented, The Andersons Centre has been monitoring this topic closely for a number of years and has several projects assessing the options available and the potential implications for organisations involved with the agricultural and food industries. Below you will find samples of articles and reports that we have compiled on Brexit to date.


The key Brexit-related services that we provide include:
  • Andersons Brexit Seminars: delivers a detailed examination of the likely impact of Brexit on the agricultural and food industries. They cover the process and timetable, possible future trade and support arrangements, economic effects and overall prospects for the sector. We held seven public seminars on Brexit at locations across the UK in September 2016 which were well received by the industry (see testimonials below). We also offer private seminars upon request which can be tailored to an organisation’s individual needs.
  • Diagnostic Tools: based on our extensive financial and economic modelling expertise, The Andersons Centre is ideally positioned to quantify the potential impact of Brexit on your business. We have several model farms which can be used to demonstrate both short and long term impacts of Brexit and can also develop customised models to suit specific needs.
  • Policy Analysis: we have a strong track record in conducting agricultural policy analysis and assessing its potential implications for agriculture. This has encompassed quantifying how policy changes could affect individual businesses in addition to reporting on how proposed changes could affect the wider industry. Brexit is set to herald the introduction of a new agricultural policy framework for the UK. The Andersons Centre is ideally positioned to support you in understanding the various options available and how these could impact your organisation.
  • Brexit Updates: ongoing developments associated with Brexit are monitored and commented upon via the Andersons AgriBrief service. In addition to reporting on key developments, we delve deeper into the issues and comment on how they could affect your business. Click here for further information.
  • Customised Research and Consultancy: whilst there are many unknowns associated with Brexit, it is important for agricultural organisations to be agile and proactive in understanding what could potentially happen and how to react in each scenario. In addition, Brexit is likely to impact in a number of ways from generic impacts to specific effects that will influence each organisation differently. To this end, The Andersons Centre has several decades’ experience in undertaking bespoke research projects to address an organisation’s specific needs in the context of Brexit.
  • Market Opportunity Assessments: with change comes opportunity and it is important to overcome any challenges to exploit new openings and develop new markets. If anything, Brexit creates an added impetus for businesses to adapt. Whether you are a UK-based company seeking to identify expansion opportunities at home and abroad or whether you are an international company exporting to the UK, The Andersons Centre can support you.


Below is a sample of feedback that we have received from clients on the Brexit insights that The Andersons Centre has provided to date.


“Outstanding seminar! Very clear coverage of all important aspects in agriculture regarding Brexit!”

               Luis Mulet, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)


“An excellent analysis of the potential Brexit impacts to Andersons’ usual high level of professionalism”

               Nigel Gossett, Saxon Agriculture


“The speakers appeared to cover all aspects of the current perceived implications extremely well. I was hugely impressed.

               Rupert West, King West Limited


“This was an excellent seminar demonstrating Andersons’ clear authority in this sector”

               Tim Gregory, Saffrey Champness


“As usual a comprehensive, well researched and informative presentation. All information presented even handedly and in adequate depth”

               Simon Mountjoy, Mountjoy Rural


“A really fantastic view of agriculture and its future under Brexit”

               Ros Gough, John Easterbrook and Partners


“Yet again, a well-paced seminar with excellent content presented by people who are clearly on top of the subject matter”

               James Rust, Morton Fraser Solicitors


“The seminar was thorough and informative. Timing and content were well presented”

               Andy Carter, Clydesdale Bank


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